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See what every photo booth rental company has to offer and how that compares to other companies’ offerings.

Are you looking to add fun and excitement to your event? Or maybe you’re checking out some cool party ideas. A photo booth rental will always make your event so much more fun. They’re always a hit with people of all ages. With so many photo booth companies to choose from, how do you find the best fit for your event? This is why we created Now you can see what every rental company offers in your city on just one page

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You can see what other people are saying about them on all significant rating and review websites, what all photo booths look like in your city, what each company offers and how that compares to what everyone else is offering

Compare All Photo Booths On One Page

Across Canada there is a lot of consistency in what photo booth rental companies offer, but there are also a lot of subtle differences too. can show you the major differences between photo booth rental companies in your city plus the subtler differences you may not have noticed that might be important to your event or wedding and your guests.

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See what all photo booths look like in your city that are available to rent.

What This Site Offers

To help you find the best photo booth rental in your city (we cover all major Canadian cities. Click here to find yours), we’ve created three tools to help you narrow down your options:

  1. Our photo booth company listings which give you a detailed overview of what each photo booth company offers as part of their standard package and what they charge extra for that others don’t.
  2. A visual gallery showing all photo booths in your city with pictures so you can find the booth best suited to your event.
  3. Our in-depth how-to guide that shows you what to look for in a quality photo booth rental company and how to try before you buy.

So whether you need an open, enclosed, video, flip book, or slow motion photo booth, we’ve got you covered. We’ll show you what rentals are available in your town so you can make the best choice.