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Rent the Best Photo Booth in Manitoba

Photo booth rentals in Manitoba – Photo booths have become the hottest party and event fun. Posing for silly, sweet or start-studded pictures brings out the kid in everyone! Liven up your party or event by choosing the best photobooth rental company in Manitoba.

Regardless if you go with renting a small or large booth, open with a backdrop or totally enclosed to let people have their pictures taken in private, it all turns out the same – entertainment for guests of all ages!

Photo Booth Rentals in Manitoba

Below are cities in Manitoba in which we’ve created lists of all photo booth companies and we show what each one has to offer. Click on your city to find the best photo booth to rent for your wedding, party, or corporate event.


Remember What a Photobooth is?

It’s actually quite a simple concept, a booth where you take pictures. They’ve been around for years. You might have even tried a coin operated one at the mall.

Modern photobooths are either fully automated or a photographer takes the pictures. Both concepts have advantages and disadvantages, but the results are the same: guests having a great time.

What Should I Know About If I Want to Rent a Photo Booth in Manitoba?

When looking to rent the best photo booth, quality and props are vital. No doubt that the lure of instant photos will draw your party, wedding, social or corporate event guests into the booth, but the photos need to be top quality. Ask to see sample pictures, or even test out taking a few of your own, from any photobooth rental company in Manitoba you’re considering hiring. The best ones won’t mind at all.

And don’t forget about the props. Cramming into a photo booth with friends, relatives or colleagues can be a lot of fun, so props that work for chest-high pictures are the best. Lots of things are ideal – funky glasses, wacky hats, colourful boas, funny or vintage costume items, you name it.

A well-stocked crate of props for your guests to use for their pictures is typically supplied by the company you’re hiring. Other rental companies allow you to photoshop props or effects in afterwards, like celebrity images. You can also add funny borders or picture effects, like sepia or black-and-white resolutions. If they don’t offer all of the props you want, go the DIY-route with items from the dollar or party supply store.

Maybe even have your logo, a personal message, the date or event name added afterwards. It all depends how you want your printed pictures to look, e.g. traditional strip of 2, individual 4×6, or on a USB key to sharing later.

It’s ok to ask the photo booth company if you’re not sure how it works, or if you’re unclear about what they offer, especially if you want to post photos online. Facebook, Instagram or Twitter integration can also be an option.

Rent the Best, Affordable Photo Booth in Manitoba

Even if you’re a price-conscious party, wedding or event planner in Manitoba, finding the best, affordable photo booth to rent is possible with this list.

We’ve made it easy for you with all of the contact info you need above. Don’t miss out!