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Reviews for Hot Wax Entertainment in the Lower Mainland

Hot Wax Entertainment offers photo booth rentals as one of their services in Vancouver and surrounding areas. They have 193 reviews on Yelp, Google Plus, and WeddingWire. Overall, their reviews appear to indicate that people are very happy with their service. If you decide to rent their photobooth, be sure to leave a review for them on, Google Maps, Facebook, or afterward so other people can get a better sense of what their service is like.

Hot Wax Entertainment is also an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau. They have an A+ rating and have had no complaints over the past 3 years. While not many photo booth companies in Greater Vancouver are accredited by the Better Business Bureau, for those who are, it can provide their customers with an added layer of comfort to know that their service provider has a track record, is accountable to someone, and takes their reputation very seriously.

What is unique about Hot Wax Entertainment is that they are the only photo booth company to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau in the Lower Mainland.

Hot Wax Entertainment


What Hot Wax Entertainment Offers with Their Photo Booth Rentals

All photo booth rental companies in the Lower Mainland will deliver their booth to your event for free, set it up, take it down, and provide an on-site attendant for the duration of your function. When it comes to their service, Hot Wax Entertainment offers some additional options with their photobooth rentals.

Here are some of the highlights of what they offer:

  • They provide unlimited photos for the whole length of your special event (almost all photo booth rental companies in Greater Vancouver offer limitless photos when you rent out one of their booths).
  • A prop box with fun stuff for your guests to put on and pose with for their pictures. Silly things like mustaches, over-sized glasses, goofy hats, and feather boas are typically included. No vendors supply these kinds of props with their rentals to make things more interesting.
  • A monitor screen lets your guests see themselves pose for their photographs. Three-quarters of photo booths now have these.
  • You can include a logo or event name on the photo strips for your event or wedding. No companies also include this option with their package.
  • They give you all the pictures from your event on a USB thumb drive or on a DVD.
  • Hot Wax Entertainment also offers other options. Visit their website to see what else they have to offer.

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What Their Photo Booth Looks Like

Open Booth from Hot Wax Entertainment

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To learn more about Hot Wax Entertainment, check out their website, see how the features they offer compare to other service providers, and see how their photobooth looks compared to others.